What is RADA

RADA is a network of environmental law professionals that share resources and information to support each other in their efforts to protect the environment and to seek solutions to the problems that today make civil society feels helpless and defenseless against the deterioration of our planet and loss of quality of life.

Network: Network managed by distribution lists to hold virtual meetings and share information on environmental defense and its associated problems.

Lawyers: Members of the network are lawyers and law graduates with a vocation for environmental protection.

For: Not only are professionals specialized law environment, but we unite to defend better against the difficulties we encountered, such as lack of means and resources of all kinds, complexity of the issues we address, lack of information and transparency on the part of administrations and companies, etc.

Defense: The network members are involved in advising NGOs and citizen groups or platforms that arise in order to protect the environment, both in its pre-litigation stage as contentious, in all kinds of jurisdictions.

Environmental: The aim of the network is the defense of the environment by using the legal tool and law enforcement.

RADA does not adhere to any particular political party or intends to be influenced by any political option.

It is a fact that lawyers who work with civil society in the legal defense of the environment find much more difficulties than in any other area of law, by poor enforcement of environmental legislation by public authorities, complexity of the issues in which we intervene and the lack of resources and time for analysis.
To this it is added that our customers generally are associations and non-profit platforms without economic resources. The application of the Aarhus Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, done at Aarhus (Denmark), June 25, 1998, is very poor in our country.
Bar Associations and Administrations, so far, have not shown interest in organizing and promoting free legal assistance specializing in environmental issues, while environmental law lacks today of relevance, from the professional point of view, for lawyers.